The Rambler Medal

First awarded 1990 - Also named after founder Hum Barton's yacht Rose Rambler, the Rambler Medal is awarded for the most challenging short voyage (within three weeks and under 1000nm) made by a member or members. This may form one section of a longer voyage.

Previous Winners

Year Winner Citation
2016 None Awarded.
2015 Peter McCrea and Doug Theobolds More details
2014 Steve Brown More details
2013 Richard Hudson More details
2012 Jim and Kate Thomsen More details
2011 Mike and Helen Norris More details
2010 Mike and Liz Taylor-Jones More details
2009 Steve Pickard More details
2008 Bill Marden More details
2007 Jem Tetley More details
2006 Doug and Dale Bruce More details
2005 Stephen Pickard More details
2004 Graham Evans More details
2003 Ian Grant More details
2002 Steve and Julie Ferrero More details
2001 Richard Manning
2000 Tom and Vicky Jackson
1999 Andy & Ros Hogbin
1998 John & Sally Melling
1997 Tony Gooch
1996 Not awarded.
1995 Graham & Avril Johnson
1994 Hugh Clay
1993 Nina Kiff
1992 Not awarded.
1991 Not awarded.
1990 Ann Fraser