Social Media

The OCC has a range of highly active social media where Members can share information, seek advice and find out what is happening in the Club as well as what other Members are up to.

This range of social media complements the OCC Forum which is where more substantial information and advice is available and discussions take place about such matters as cruising in different parts of the world, seamanship, systems and maintenance, cruising lifestyle, and cruiser networking.


Facebook Page. The Club has a Facebook Page which is visible to Members and non-members:

  • Ocean Cruising Club Members is linked to the OCC website News & Events and enables followers to keep up-to-date with what has been happening in the Club and beyond, along with upcoming social and other activities.

Facebook Groups. The club hosts a number of Facebook groups where the vibrant Member activity takes place and interesting and useful topics are posted. All OCC Facebook groups are open to all OCC Members:

  • OCC Members Group – the main group for OCC Members sharing information and activities; with over 1000 members it is highly active and very lively, and from time to time includes activities such as photo competitions.
  • OCC Caribbean Cruising – a group for cruisers who are already in the Caribbean or planning to head for the Caribbean, whether from North America, Europe, Southern Africa or elsewhere, to share information and advice; this group is open to non-OCC members who have a boat in the Caribbean or are intending to cruise there in the very near future.
  • OCC Atlantic Crossing West to East – a group for cruisers heading for Europe form the Caribbean, the Americas or the South Atlantic; this group is open to non-OCC members.
  • OCC Pacific Crossing – a group for OCC Members in the Pacific Ocean and interested in crossing the Pacific – it was opened to non-OCC members at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic; it hosts discussions about regulations, clearance formalities, routes, communications, weather, and services .
  • OCC Treasure Chest – this group provides OCC Members with a place to sell, buy or exchange sailing related items. Posts from commercial enterprises are not accepted.

How to join a Facebook Group OCC Facebook groups can be joined by all OCC Members, and in three instances by non-OCC members who have a boat in the relevant area or are planning to cruise in that area. Simply go to the group you wish to join and click on “Join Group”. You will be required to answer some questions and if you meet the eligibility criteria your request will be approved by the Facebook Administrator.


The OCC Members Facebook Page


Instagram allows Members to post and feature photos from their mobile devices. To find the OCC on Instagram, first download Instagram to your mobile device and then search for Ocean Cruising Club.

If Members would like photos to be featured, please email to with a brief description of the photo, or message it to the OCC through the OCC Instagram account

If members would like the OCC to share their Instagram stories tag @ocean_cruising_club. Stories appear at the top of the application rather than in the feed and disappear after 24 hours.


The OCC Instagram Feed


The OCC on Twitter propagates news and events posts from the website and is also fed by relevant retweets, along with appropriate feeds to follow (members, influential blue water sailors, ocean sailing organisations and OCC partners).

The chief focus on Twitter is to expand our reach to blue water sailors who may be interested in joining the OCC - Twitter @OCC org



The OCC LinkedIn Group has information that professionals with sailing interests can access to learn about the OCC while visiting the site.


Social Media Policy and Guidelines, and Group Rules

The Club’s Social Media Policy and Guidelines are on each group as an ‘Announcement’ and are available in the Members area of the website under Reference Docs/Club Policies. The Group Rules are set out in the ‘About’ section on each Facebook group.