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The Ocean
Cruising Club

To be a part of the OCC is to be a part of a group of people who have said 'yes' to adventure and who will welcome you if you choose to do the same.

The people in the Ocean Cruising Club represent the distilled essence of the cruising community, a potent combination of accomplishment, experience, idealism, eccentricity, generosity and humility.

The sole qualification for Full membership, entails stepping aboard a boat and making a continuous ocean passage of at least 1000 nautical miles, measured by the shortest practical Great Circle route between two ports, in a vessel not more than 70 feet overall length. Associate Members join aspiring to do the same and being inspired by those who already have.

03 Jun 2023

Helping to save ocean mammals

By Daria Blackwell

Damian Foxall, a seven-time veteran of The Ocean Race with over 450,000 nautical miles at sea, is working to implement changes within the sport of sailing to make the ocean safer for marine mammals. ....

02 Jun 2023

World Ocean Day unites and rallies the world to protect and restore our planet

By Daria Blackwell

Celebrate the life in the oceans and take action on the 8th of June. Do it for the biodiversity. Do it for the climate. Do it for the future. ....

31 May 2023

OCC Seamanship Award for Kirsten Neuschäfer on historic GGR victory!

By Jenny Crickmore-Thompson

OSASA will be hosting a presentation of the awards to all involved on 31 October at the Royal Cape Yacht Club, the home of so many influential and renowned sailors. Details to follow. ....

31 May 2023

Pacific Island students brought climate to top world court

By Daria Blackwell

For the first time, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) will rule on legal consequences for nations that are damaging the climate “by their acts and omissions”. ....

30 May 2023

Experimental Sargassum Report

By Daria Blackwell

NOAA, in collaboration with the University of South Florida, has begun issuing weekly sargassum reports using AFAI (Alternative Floating Algae Index) for the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. ....

23 May 2023

North Atlantic SST Anomalies Noted

By Daria Blackwell

Sea Surface Temperature (SST) and other factors have been noted as deviating from the norms for the North Atlantic in the early months of 2023. ....

22 May 2023

Mexico's meteorological service predicts Pacific hurricanes

By Daria Blackwell

The National Meteorological Service of Mexico (SMN) states that formation of an El Niño climate pattern was a factor in the greater-than-usual hurricane activity predicted for the Pacific this year. ....

11 May 2023

NOAA Issues El Niño Watch

By Daria Blackwell

A transition from El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO)-neutral is expected in the next couple of months, with a greater than 90% chance of El Niño persisting into the Northern Hemisphere winter. ....

10 May 2023

UN's World Meteorological Organization warns of looming record temperatures

By Daria Blackwell

The development of an El Niño climate pattern in the Pacific Ocean this year is likely, with dangerously high temperatures and extreme weather events expected. ....

10 May 2023

The OCC Guide to Climate Change for Cruisers

By Daria Blackwell

The Ocean Cruising Club has prepared a review of climate change for distance cruisers and how it affects decision-making in this era of adaptation. ....

09 May 2023

The CCA’s Digital Maine Cruising Guide - free for all cruisers!

By Daria Blackwell

Based on the original print Cruising Guide to Maine, the digital edition - available since 2022 - delivers a local knowledge feast. ....

24 Apr 2023

Brian Black Memorial Award 2023

By Press Release - Theo Stocker

£5,500 prizes on offer for marine environmental journalism award videos and articles ....


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