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The Ocean
Cruising Club

To be a part of the OCC is to be a part of a group of people who have said 'yes' to adventure and who will welcome you if you choose to do the same.

The people in the Ocean Cruising Club represent the distilled essence of the cruising community, a potent combination of accomplishment, experience, idealism, eccentricity, generosity and humility.

The sole qualification for Full membership, entails stepping aboard a boat and making a continuous ocean passage of at least 1000 nautical miles, measured by the shortest practical Great Circle route between two ports, in a vessel not more than 70 feet overall length. Associate Members join aspiring to do the same and being inspired by those who already have.

20 Nov 2022

Niue is open to yachts

By Candy Wood

Visitor moorings are available at the yacht club; anchoring is not feasible. ....

14 Nov 2022

Yachts may now clear in directly in Tobago

By Jesse James

Port Officer Jesse James has informed the OCC that TOBAGO welcomes back direct berthing of yachts after the pandemic pause. No longer do cruisers have to sail to Trinidad first. ....

12 Nov 2022

Tuna and billfish are making a comeback

By Daria Blackwell

After almost three decades of decline, tuna and billfish have begun to recover because of proactive fisheries management. Sharks, however, continue to decline. ....

06 Nov 2022

Royal Cruising Club Pilotage Foundation Editor-in-Chief

By Nigel Wollen

The RCCPF seeks new Editor-in-Chief for its portfolio of world-class cruising guides. ....

03 Nov 2022

The 2022 OCC Irish Dinner Held in Belfast

By Daria Blackwell, Vice Commodore

For the first time ever, the OCC Irish dinner was held in Northern Ireland. It was the first occasion for members across the island of Ireland to get together since the pandemic struck early in 2020. ....

02 Nov 2022

Scientist uses drones and algorithms to save whales and the oceans

By Daria Blackwell

Douglas McCauley head of the Benioff Ocean Science Laboratory at UCSB is using data to reveal to companies, policymakers, and the public what’s at stake. ....

26 Oct 2022

Reflections on COP26

By Dr Nigel Jollands

Ahead of the upcoming COP27, OCC Member and climate scientist, Dr Nigel Jollands reflects on what came out of COP26, the UN Climate Conference in 2021, and what must happen next. ....

21 Oct 2022

Jon Amtrup, Norwegian sailor, named winner of the Brian Black Memorial Award

By Daria Blackwell

The Brian Black Memorial Award 2022 winner shares his sobering story, ‘The icy sound of climate change’, and wins £4,000 in prize money and charity donations. ....

16 Oct 2022

Overview of the 2022 Season in the Northwest Passage

By Victor Wejer

Victor Wejer, OCC Port Officer for the Northwest Passage (NWP), has submitted his summary report at the conclusion of a somewhat 'normal' season post-Covid. ....

14 Oct 2022

‘Generation Ocean’ Launched to Inspire Young People to Protect Our Blue Planet

By Daria Blackwell

The Ocean Race is launching Generation Ocean, a new learning programme for secondary schools that encourages young people to join the race to protect our incredible blue planet. ....

29 Sep 2022

Saoirse Rally from Ireland to Madeira

By Daria Blackwell

Invitation from the Irish Cruising Club to celebrate Conor O’Brien’s Circumnavigation 100 years ago (1923–2023). ....

23 Sep 2022

Our past Club Secretary, Anthea Cornell Stock, has died

By Daria Blackwell

Anthea had a long involvement with the OCC and valued it greatly. Many members will remember her and got to know Anthea quite well while she was Secretary (1998—2005). ....