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The Ocean
Cruising Club

To be a part of the OCC is to be a part of a group of people who have said 'yes' to adventure and who will welcome you if you choose to do the same.

The people in the Ocean Cruising Club represent the distilled essence of the cruising community, a potent combination of accomplishment, experience, idealism, eccentricity, generosity and humility.

The sole qualification for Full membership, entails stepping aboard a boat and making a continuous ocean passage of at least 1000 nautical miles, measured by the shortest practical Great Circle route between two ports, in a vessel not more than 70 feet overall length. Associate Members join aspiring to do the same and being inspired by those who already have.

23 Sep 2022

Our past Club Secretary, Anthea Cornell Stock, has died

By Daria Blackwell

Anthea had a long involvement with the OCC and valued it greatly. Many members will remember her and got to know Anthea quite well while she was Secretary (1998—2005). ....

21 Sep 2022

The Sailor - a film you won't want to miss!

By Daria Blackwell

The Sailor is a documentary about an 80-year-old who valued his freedom so much that he has never truly lived on land. This English sailor sacrificed everything so that he could live only at sea. ....

21 Sep 2022

WaterBear - a free new streaming service

By Daria Blackwell

WaterBear, the first interactive streaming platform dedicated to the future of our planet. Watch award-winning films and documentaries anytime, anywhere. ....

21 Sep 2022

Europe moves to protect Atlantic deep-sea sites from bottom fishing

By Daria Blackwell

On Sept. 15, the European Commission made a historic announcement: it will prohibit bottom fishing across 16,000 square kilometres or 6,200 square miles in territorial waters of the NE Atlantic. ....

19 Sep 2022

OCC Roving Rear Commodore's Report from New Zealand

By Sarah and Phil Tadd

January saw Sarah and Phil Tadd halfway through a summer cruise to New Zealand’s South Island. ....

18 Sep 2022

OCC RoRC Report from the Iberian Peninsula

By Rhys Walters

Rhys Walters started the season in Portimao after 3 months of Brexit-enforced leave in Ireland. Since then, he's been made an Irish citizen and with that comes an unlimited time in the Schengen zone. ....

18 Sep 2022

Pressing On: Or, how we temporarily swapped two hulls for two wheels

By Stuart Letton

OCC Roving Rear Commodore Stuart Letton tells us about Time Bandit's change of routine over the years of cruising, from moving on with the seasons to stopping to really experience the places you land. ....

17 Sep 2022

OCC Roving Rear Commodore's Report about Tonga from Maine

By Pamela MacBrayne & Denis Moonan

Pamela MacBrayne & Denis Moonan are still roving in their home waters of Penobscot Bay, Maine as 'Glide' remains in Tonga where the borders are still closed. ....

17 Sep 2022

OCC Report from RoRC in the East Mediterranean

By Gareth Thomas

It seems Gareth Thomas has been doing a bit of catching up with voyaging post lockdown as this year he has already had three separate cruises so his title of Roving Rear Commodore is apt. ....

15 Sep 2022

OCC Roving Rear Commodore Report from Western Europe

By Thierry Courvoisier

Thierry Courvoisier, aboard Swiss-flagged yacht 'Gaia', spends the northern summer traversing from Iceland to Mainland Europe via Ireland. ....

15 Sep 2022

OCC Roving Rear Commodores report from Scotland

By Sue & Andy Warman

Sue & Andy Warman, s/v Spruce, returned to the UK after 11 years of meandering around the world. Their return via the Panama Canal took them back home across the Atlantic again! ....

31 Aug 2022

Novara One Planet team speaks at the Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club, Eastbourne

By Veronica Lysaght

OCC members join forces to initiate the Novara One Planet project which aims to partner with coastal communities to develop and implement climate change adaptation plans. ....