Good Cruising Practices

The OCC is working in partnership with Clean Sailors ( to bring information and advice to OCC Members and other cruisers on the practical steps that we can all take to protect the oceans we sail.

Information will be published in the OCC monthly e-bulletin, quarterly Newsletter and on this website.

There is a wealth of information and advice on the internet, and further information and advice on good practice is available in the free download Green Boating Guide published by Sailors for the Sea.

In addition, OCC Members can subscribe to the Blue Flag for Boat Owner’s Environmental Code of Conduct.

By signing the pledge, you commit to:

  • not throwing litter into the sea or along the coast
  • not releasing toilet water into fresh waters, coastal waters and sensitive areas
  • not releasing poisonous or toxic waste (oil, paint, cleaning agents, etc) into fresh waters and the sea. Waste will be disposed of in appropriate recycling facilities.
  • promoting the use of recycling facilities (glass, plastic, paper, batteries, etc)
  • using the most environmentally friendly products that are available and work efficiently (cleaning agents, clothing, etc)
  • reporting pollution or other violation of environmental regulations to the authorities
  • not engaging in forbidden fishing practices and respecting periods when fishing is prohibited
  • protecting animals and plants in the sea, including not disturbing birds or marine mammals
  • respecting vulnerable nature and protected areas
  • avoiding damaging the sea floor (via poor anchoring technique, etc)
  • avoiding disturbing fishery or fishing gear
  • not using objects made from protected species or from archaeological underwater findings

Shown below are some helpful reports from the e-bulletin and Newsletter, and below them are Related Articles from OCC News.

Reports from e-Bulletin and Newsletters

Topping up our Tanks

Clean Sailors - 03/04/2024
Whilst the gigantic spill events are devastating for our waters and marine life, the majority of fuel and oil pollution are caused by sailors and seafarers.

Keywords: diesel, oil spills, leak

Concerned about the CO2 impact of flying?

Manon Zwart and the OCC Environment Team - 03/04/2024
As cruisers we are aware of our environment and changes occurring in the marine environment. The impact of cruising is small when we are wind-powered, but it's often not the only way we travel.

Keywords: offset, carbon, flying, environment, seagrass, blue carbon

Dealing with Bommies

Behan Gifford - 03/04/2024
There are a lot of places where you really don’t have options to find another spot or go to a marina: it’s all coral, and there’s no marina.

Keywords: Anchoring, coral, bommies

Engine maintenance

OCC Environment team - 03/04/2024
A checklist for ensuring the engine is running smoothly and not polluting more than it should

Keywords: service, engine, oil, maintenance, efficiency

Read Your Engine Exhaust

OCC Environment team - 01/08/2022
The colour of your diesel engine’s exhaust can indicate engine efficiency problems.

Keywords: combustion, fuel, injector, valve, timing problem, burnt valves, bad gaskets, smoke

Cigarette Butts

OCC Environment team - 01/04/2022
No matter the beach or its location, there’s little escape from the blight that plagues many of them: cigarette butts.

Keywords: tobacco, pollution, cigarettes, tar, Más País–Equo coalition

The role of Aquaculture in restoring global fish stocks

Alex Blackwell, MSc, and Daria Blackwell - 01/01/2022
Many wild fish stock species are being rapidly depleted, animal husbandry is increasingly under pressure for its environmental impact.

Keywords: fish stock, responsibly, aquaculture, health, nutrition

Anti-fouling – the challenges and the check lists

Phil Heaton and Kit Harling - 01/01/2022
We all want a clean and smooth bottom on our boats and effective antifouling has been the way we try to achieve this, but the challenge is to do so without negative environmental impact.

Keywords: propagules, ablative, low-adhesion coatings, epoxy resin, copper

Minimising the creation of waste and waste disposal

Behan Gifford - 01/09/2021
Tips to manage rubbish responsibly while cruising.

Keywords: waste disposal, rubbish, compost, biodegradable, cans, toxic emissions

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