Ocean Cruising Club Knowledge

The collective knowledge and experience of OCC members in ocean cruising constitutes a powerful source of advice and information for OCC Members and other ocean cruisers. .

Here you will find guides to Good Practices in seamanship and cruising. They provide practical steps, tried and tested techniques and leading practices that have been developed and refined over time with input from subject matter experts and experienced cruisers. The guides were first published and discussed on the OCC Forum, and the discussions have been incorporated in the first guides to be published here. The aim is to make the guides more accessible to OCC Members and other cruisers, and more will follow.

We also publish here ‘White Papers’ - reviews of information, advice and discussion by experts in other fields relevant to cruising - and the first of these is about Climate Change and Ocean Cruising.

You will also find information and advice about what you can do to help with environmental impacts  here at Environment/Good Cruising Practices and here at Environment/Oceans Under Threat .

Blue Water Sailing
High Latitude Sailing

Good Practice Guides

Jordan Series Drogue

Steve Brown - 03/05/2023
Understanding the principles behind the Jordan Series Drogue's design, safe deployment and retrieval is essential to preventing capsize in storm conditions with large breaking seas.

Keywords: JSD 3.0, Jordan Series Drogue, storm tactics, capsize, breaking seas, Steve Brown, Tony Gooch, Jeanne Socrates, Randall Reeves, Susanne Huber-Curphey

Lay-up Guide

Simon Currin and Phil Heaton - 03/05/2023
Guide to Leading Practices in Laying Up a Vessel for an Extended Period in Equatorial/Tropical Climate – rainy season and High Latitudes – winter season.

Keywords: Laying up, sailboat, tropical, high latitudes, summer season, tropical, rainy season, winter season,

Ocean Voyaging Preparation and Planning

Anne and Jonathan Lloyd - 03/05/2023
A practical guide to the steps that should be taken before heading off to sea on a cruising sailboat.

Keywords: ocean voyaging; bluewater; sailboat; preparation; personal training; suitable yacht; power supply; self-steering gear; communications; watermaker; power generation; solar power; wind generators; hydrogenerators; diesel generators; rig; sails; emergency equipment; safety equipment; lifejackets; harnesses; EPIRBs; AIS; MOB; dinghy; outboard; ground tacke; anchhors; rode; medical preparation

White Papers

Climate Change and Ocean Cruising

Editor: Phil Heaton - 03/05/2023
With contributions from Jimmy Cornell, Frank Singleton, Fred Pickhardt of Ocean Weather Services, Sebastian Wache of WetterWelt GmbH, Jeremy Davis of Weather Routing Inc and Bob McDavitt.

Keywords: Climate change, weather patterns, currents, ocean crossing, cruising routes, seasonal variability, storms, seasonal flux, biodiversity, weather routing,