OCC 70th Platinum Anniversary Videos, including cocktails shaken and stirred.
OCC 70th Anniversary Videos
Jasper & Jake, recipients of the OCC Youth Sponsorship, catch a fish en route from Malta to Gibraltar.
Caught a #mahimahi
Vinston of Antarctica arrives in Puerto Williams. Enjoy our little video if you like. A follow up of Skip Novak’s latest boat Pelagic Australis.
Vinston of Antarctica
2020 Photo Competition: ‘Seascapes and Landscapes’
Follow OCC Challenge Grant recipient Philippe Jamotte on his journey at
Preparing to sail around the world on a 40ft racing boat
Commodore Simon Currin kicks off the Covid-19 lectures online with the first exciting webinar featuring Vasey Vase winner Steve Brown.
OCC Lockdown Lecture by Steve Brown: 'HIGH AND DRY IN ANTARCTICA'
May 6, 2020 A huge vote of thanks to Andrew Cassels for his amazing pilotage skills. Remember his view of this on his smartphone screen! Visit Novara's website:
Novara - Drone images from Antarctica
Webinar about cruising along the west coast of Ireland by members and POs Daria and Alex Blackwell. Video created by PBO of a talk delivered at a boat show. 26 minutes
Cruising the Wild Atlantic Way of Ireland
Thierry Courvoisier Des images de notre croisière au Spitzberg avec Cérès en 2008. Ocean Cruising Club (OCC)
Cérès au Spitzberg
On Saturday, the 21st February, Bill Hatfield became the oldest man to sail around the world solo, non-stop and unassisted. The 81-year-old completed his eight-month journey on Saturday morning, saili
Bill Hatfield and L'Eau Commotion Crossing the Line
On the wind TV #1 59 North Sailing 5.82K subscribers The first episode of the film version of 'On the Wind.' Directed by Thierry Humeau and hosted by Andy Schell. Pam Wall, OCC PO for Ft Laud
Interview with Pam Wall
Why cruise with kids? Really, why cruising at all? WWS Aline Escalon was on Totem in 2016 and has released this short film showcasing the nomadic sailing life of the Gifford family. Shot mostly in Mad
Global Travel Channel Sailing Around the world nonstop at age 80. Not everyone's cup of tea. Bill Hatfield explains it, ' well it's a lot better than sitting in one of those old folks homes waiting
Sailing Solo Nonstop Around the World at Age 80
James Tomlinson Samingo Sailing 3.9K subscribers I have been asked many times how I rig my main sail reefing lines on my sailing boat, Westerly Typhoon ‘Talisker 1’
Single Handed Solo Sailing. How I Rig Main Sail Reefing Lines.
A short video from our sailing and climbing expedition to South Georgia. Hats off to fellow OCC member Bjorn Riis Johannessen who pulled both videos together. Steve Brown
Hard on the Nose: The Novara 2017 Expedition to South Georgia
Steve Brown's video
Novara 2018 Antarctica Expedition 1
Upon completion of the Figure 8 Voyage on the 19th October, having circumnavigated Antarctica and the Americas solo over the course of one season and slightly more than one year under sail, Randall Re
Randall Reeves receives OCC commendation from Tony Gooch
OCC Cruising Rally to the Western Caribbean 2018-2019
OCC Suzie Too Rally
The winner of the photo competition #occatanchor is Odette Hasbun with her photo taken of s/v Peregrinus at Jura, Inner Hebrides, Scotland. With over 150 entries Odette was the outright winner so cong
#OCC @ anchor photo competition entries
Lin and Larry Pardey were awarded the OCC Lifetime Cruising Award for 2018. To read more about the award, please follow this link.
Lin Pardey accepting OCC Lifetime Cruising Award
Umadum Sailing Published on Apr 13, 2019 Here is the second film from the series “The Folks of the Ocean”. Umadum on his way to Cape Town in dangerous Mozambique channel. Why it is so dangerous? W
OCC Award Winner Des Cason on How to Sail in Dangerous Weather
What we did in 2018. From Stuart Letton
Time Bandit Cruising
Mo on the Figure 8 Voyage reports from the Southern Ocean.
Christmas update from Randall Reeves
Video by Erica Coobs
OCC Suzie Too Rally Parade in Cartagena, Colombia
OCC Member Captain Rick Moore, currently taking part in the Suzie II Rally, maintains a vlog called Sailing "Sophisticated Lady" (SSL). The channel has just surpassed 100,000 subscribers. This is a ce
SSL 100,000 Subscribers Celebration Video
OCC Member John Hembrow has started the Down Under Rallys Go East, Go West and more, to encourage cruisers to spend more time exploring Australia.
Down Under Rally 2017
Film maker Gonçalo Tocha has created a video of the celebrations in Horta in June 2018 when the OCC helped celebrate the 100th anniversary of Peter Cafe Sport with a Pursuit Rally. He is planning a fu
OCC Azores Pursuit Rally 2018 film
Video created by Stokey Woodall from still photographs collected from participants in the Rally. A history of the Peter Cafe Sport in Horta in photos including the sailors who dropped in along the 100
100 Years Peter Cafe Sport - OCC Azores Rally 2018
This is the video clip put together by Stokey Woodall of the finish line at the 2018 OCC Azores Pursuit Rally, from photos by Tony Brighton. Great footage! The rally was undertaken to celebrate the C
The Finish Line at the OCC Azores Pursuit Rally 2018
Two headsail configuration for safer downwind sailing View article here:
Simbo Rig
View article by Iain Simpson about the Simbo Rig for downwind sailing here:
Song of the Ocean under Simbo Rig
At Feb 17 2018 Tony Curphey was in Istanbul to share his 'Ordinary Adventures' The event was hosted by 'Gezgin Korsan' Turkey's biggest Sailing & Sea Culture platform. During the Boat Show, we h
Tony Curphy and 'Gezgin Korsan' at Boat Show in Istanbul
Olin J. Stephens II, America's preeminent yacht designer of the 20th century -- died September 13, 2008 -- five months after celebrating his 100th birthday. He was co-founder of Sparkman & Stephens.
Olin Stephens, legendary yacht designer
DORADE, a 52-foot yawl built in 1929, raced from Newport to Bermuda in 2012, 80 years after her winning this classic bluewater race. Follow along with narrator John Burnham who sailed as part of DORAD
Dorade sailing in the Newport to Bermuda Race in 2012
What is the Ocean Cruising Club? 4,538 views DrakeParagon Published on Sep 23, 2014 The Ocean Cruising Club is an international club for blue water cruisers. Founded in 1954 by the late Humphr
What is the Ocean Cruising Club?
The Physics of Sailing - KQED QUEST 1,414,267 views Published on Oct 1, 2008 Northern California has a storied, 500-year history of sailing. But despite this rich heritage, scientists and boat de
The Physics of Sailing
Down Under Rally Published on Aug 20, 2017 Join the 2017 Go East rally participants as they prepare for the voyage, sail to, and arrive in New Caledonia. The Down Under Go East Rally which sail
Sailing to New Caledonia with the Down Under "Go East" Rally
In October & November 2017 41 yachts and their crews from countries all over the world sailed to Australia as part of the Down Under "Go West" Rally. All who attended said that rally "Welcome Week" w
International yachties give Australia the thumbs up!
Interview with Willy Ker telling the story of his beloved Contessa 32, Assent. Assent completed the infamous 1979 Fastnet Race before embarking on 100,000 miles of High Latitude Adventure in the Arct
Willy Ker and the story of Assent
Posted by Simon Currin in August 2016 Iceland, Scoresby Sound and Turner Sound in Greenland.
Shimshal in the Arctic 2016
Posted November 2017
Shimshal in Greenland 2017
Enrico Tettamanti Published on Oct 3, 2017. This video is about KAMANA NW Passage. Excellent video.
Dan Alonso Published on Sep 11, 2012
OCC Maine Rally 2012
DODO S DELIGHT(2015) von Sean Villanueva, Bel Special Guest: Captain Bob Shepton Dutch Mountain Film Festival
Video with a very young founder member Ian Nicolson s/v St. Mary filmed by the BBC Scotland.
The Tobermory Race
Playing around in the Grey Dogs passage (May 2017), aboard Farsain with OCC party. Definitely going uphill, against the flood at springs. Video by David Tyler. Weekend organized by Simon and Sally Cur
Grey Dogs Passage, Scotland
Thies and Kicki, winners of the OCC Award of Merit, are the current owners of Wanderer III designed by Laurent Giles, British built, and launched in 1952. She has been sailing the world's oceans almos
Thies Matzen and Kicki Ericson on the Hiscock’s Wanderer III
Membership in the OCC means sharing camaraderie with like-minded blue water sailors who have all accomplished long-distance passages
Past Commodore Bill McLaren on 'What is so great about the OCC.'
Do you want to experience an offshore passage and learn from an experienced skipper who is a member of OCC? Watch to learn more.
Ocean Cruising Club Youth Sponsorship Programme
Hear member Ju Ronnie belt out the Ocean Cruising Club Blues at the Southern New England Rally in 2015
Ocean Cruising Club Blues at the Southern New England Rally in 2015
Vice Commodore Tony Gooch presenting awards to Richard Hudson and Liza and Andy Copeland in the Pacific Northwest.
OCC 60th Anniversary Rally in Barkley Sound, Vancouver, British Columbia