Mike and Liz Taylor-Jones

The Rambler Medal - 2010

Yacht - ‘Rampage’ – 43’ Bermudan yawl built 1961

For their voyage to Norway’s north cape and the wonderful log that was published in Flying Fish FF 2010/1

The seeds of this voyage were sown in 1961 when Mike, in his ‘gap year’, sailed to Greenland with the mountaineer and explorer H W Tilman. Greenland’s magnificent ice cap, mountains, glaciers and fjords left an indelible impression on Mike, who always dreamed of making another similar voyage. However by the time they had retired and had bought Rampage in 2001 they were setting their sights somewhat lower and cruised to Spain, the west coast of Sweden and all round the British Isles. But the lure of the North was still strong. The only Arctic scenery within the scope of a normal summer cruise seemed to be Norway, so they sailed Rampage there in 2009.