‘Helping to protect the oceans we sail’

The very essence of our Club is based on sailing the oceans of the world adventurously, enthusiastically, safely, sensitively and in tune with the marine and maritime environments. Since the OCC was founded in 1954 massive changes have taken place technologically and in boat design and construction, enabling more people to sail the oceans, yet our ability to continue to do so is threatened on a scale and at speed that was beyond the imagination of our founding members some 70 years ago. We are now faced with such environmental changes that demand urgent action by everyone to protect the oceans we sail.

In this section of our website, we aim to provide information on the threats to the oceans, what the OCC and its members are doing about it, and advice and tips on how we can all make a contribution to ensure our cruising future.

Any OCC members who wish to engage and assist in the Club’s aims please email environment@oceancruisingclub.org.

The Club is seeking to:

1. Increase awareness among the members of the OCC of the serious threats to our world.
2. Provide information and resources to members enabling them to take action helping to protect the oceans.
3. Advocate for the implementation of changes by governments and businesses to effect change that protects our environment.