OCC Officers

To contact a Club Officer, in the first instance please contact the Club Secretary secretary@oceancruisingclub.org who will provide you with the relvant contact details. Please keep in mind that we are a global club with members in all parts of the world. Please take the time differences into account when contacting Committee Members.

Committee & Directors

Officer Current Incumbent
Commodore / Director Simon Currin
Vice Commodore / Director Daria Blackwell
Vice Commodore / Director Phil Heaton
Rear Commodore / Director Zdenka Griswold
Rear Commodore / Director Fiona Jones
Treasurer / Director Charles Griffiths
Company / Club Secretary Rachelle Turk
Administrative Support Emily Winter
Commitee Member Eoin Robson
Commitee Member Carol Dutton
Commitee Member Ted Laurentius
Commitee Member Bill Heaton
Commitee Member Jonathan Lloyd
Commitee Member Guy Chester
Commitee Member Reg Barker
Development Strategy Committee Carol Dutton
Governance Committee Carol Dutton
Governance Committee Phil Heaton
Governance Committee Zdenka Griswold
Remuneration Committee Charles Griffiths
Members Support Coordinator - Global Fiona Jones
Members Support Coordinator - Americas Ted Laurentius
Members Support Coordinator - Europe Eoin Robson
Members Support Coordinator - Indo-Pacific Guy Chester
Membership Zdenka Griswold
Publications Zdenka Griswold
Editor - Flying Fish Anne Hammick
Editor - Newsletter Emily Winter
Editor - e-Bulletin Emily Winter
Web Editor Daria Blackwell
Marketing Strategy Reg Barker
PR Officer Daria Blackwell
IT Development Tim Buckley
IT Development Bill Weigel
Social Media Phil Heaton
Social Media Bill Heaton
Roving RC Co-ordinator Ted Laurentius
Youth Sponsorship Programme Fiona Jones
Mentoring Jonathan Lloyd
Challenge Grants Derrick Thorrington
Awards Eoin Robson
Club Archivist Anne Hammick
Social Fund Administrator Rachelle Turk
Regalia - UK & Rest of World Rachelle Turk
Regalia - North America Greta Gustavson

Regional and Roving Rear Commodores

Officer Current Incumbent
Regional Rear Commodore - New Zealand & Pacific SW Viki Moore
Regional Rear Commodore - Australia NE John Hembrow
Regional Rear Commodore - Australia SE Scot Wheelhouse
Regional Rear Commodore - Europe NW Hans Hansell
Regional Rear Commodore - Great Britain Carol Dutton
Regional Rear Commodore - Ireland Alex Blackwell
Regional Rear Commodore - USA NW & Canada W Liza Copeland
Regional Rear Commodore - Hawaii, California, Mexico Rick Whiting
Regional Rear Commodore - USA NE & Canada E Janet Garnier
Regional Rear Commodore - USA NE & Canada E Henry DiPietro
Regional Rear Commodore - USA SE Greta Gustavson
Regional Rear Commodore - USA SE Gary Naigle
Regional Rear Commodore - South Africa John Franklin
Roving Rear Commodore Lars Hellman
Roving Rear Commodore Susanne Hellman
Roving Rear Commodore Rhys Walters
Roving Rear Commodore Thierry Courvoisier
Roving Rear Commodore Camila De Conto
Roving Rear Commodore Jurriaan Kloek
Roving Rear Commodore Andrew Curtain
Roving Rear Commodore Simon Phillips
Roving Rear Commodore Pamela MacBrayne
Roving Rear Commodore Denis Moonan
Roving Rear Commodore Andy Warman
Roving Rear Commodore Sue Warman
Roving Rear Commodore Anne Letton
Roving Rear Commodore Stuart Letton
Roving Rear Commodore Phil Tadd
Roving Rear Commodore Sarah Tadd
Roving Rear Commodore Bill Heaton
Roving Rear Commodore Grace Arnison
Roving Rear Commodore Guy Chester
Specialist Roving RC: Environmental Steve Brown