Jim and Kate Thomsen

The Rambler Medal - 2012

Tenaya’ HR40 For their Pacific island cruising experience.

Kate writes, “Jim and I are happy as clams on our floating home, whether we are crossing oceans or anchored in the South Pacific exploring French Polynesian islands. We love this life!”

Our goals while cruising are two fold, to increase our sailing skills and to delve deeply into the communities we visit. 2012 was a success as we circumnavigated New Zealand and helped people in Vanuatu with various projects from fixing sewing machines so ladies could continue making a living, to taking and distributing photos allowing families to have portraits for the first time ever, to creating a website to help the fledgling tourism industry by promoting various bungalows. Inviting women on board to bake a cake was a thrill for everyone. We encourage others to engage local people and find ways to repay their hospitality.

We enjoy helping people on the remote islands we visit and encourage others to do what they can. We all have skills and our yachts are floating workshops parked in their harbour.

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