Ted Laurentius

The Vertue Award - 2023

For those who’ve not yet visited Newfoundland, this Canadian Province is known worldwide for having the most welcoming, generous and helpful inhabitants. Ted Laurentius is an outstanding example of how Newfoundlanders have earned such an exceptional reputation – in this case, within the cruising community. Ted is always ready, willing and able to advise visiting cruisers with friendly and accurate guidance. Ted was named OCC’s Port Officer for Newfoundland in 1995 and is still revered as THE “go-to” guy for cruising advice in this part of the world. Dozens (probably hundreds) of OCC and other cruisers have benefitted from Ted’s extensive Newfoundland knowledge and helpful advice.

Additionally, Ted has served the OCC in increasingly important managerial positions from 2017 to early 2023, first as a member of the General Committee and then as Coordinator for the Americas -- overseeing the club’s highly regarded Port Officer Network. He has earned a reputation as a thoughtful and vital contributor to the club’s ongoing success and remarkable growth.