Dustin Reynolds

OCC Seamanship Award - 2018

Awarded to Dustin Reynolds for his outstanding courage and tenacity as a double amputee in setting out to circumnavigate alone, so far making it half way around. He is on a journey to be the first double amputee to circumnavigate the world.

In 2008, Dustin became a double amputee, losing an arm and a leg in a motorcycle accident. However, he did not allow this to become a catastrophe, but instead used it as a defining moment to create change in his life. In June 2014, he cast off on his 35ft Alberg sloop, s/v 'Tiama', built in 1968 and bought for $12,000 from Hawaii. He has currently reached Richards Bay, South Africa, having crossed the Indian Ocean, a feat many would baulk at.

Dustin’s spirit, determination and seamanship prove that any obstacle can be overcome with attitude and perseverance. Anyone who uses his teeth to tail his main halyard due to the fact he has only one arm and his boat doesn't have self-tailing winches or mast jammers show an incredibly high level of seamanship!

Handling a small, old boat in the Indian Ocean takes skill and bravery, but to choose to do so as a double amputee demonstrates Dustin's determination to follow his dream in the face of adversity. His aim was to seek a different way of life and the life he has chosen is inspirational.

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Dustin Reynolds