Szymon Kuczynski

OCC Jester Award - 2018

Szymon Kuczynski, the Polish Skipper of s/v ‘Atlantic Puffin’, secured a new world record for the smallest yacht to circumnavigate the earth single-handed and unaided with no engine.
He spent 270 days, 10 hours and 29 minutes, alone at sea, living in a space of only 4 square metres in his yacht, which is 6.36m long (20 feet 10.4 inches). He set off from Plymouth to follow the route of legendary sailors before him on his ‘Call of the Ocean’ voyage. He returned as a world record holder to Mayflower Marina in Plymouth, UK, at 08:29 GMT on Thursday 17 May 2018.

Szymon is the image of what the OCC Jester Award is intended to recognise – he self-funded an around the world single-handed voyage in a small boat without having any help or assistance from anyone along the way and without stopping for 9 months and close to 29,000 miles. From the great sailing nation of Poland, it is an honour for the OCC to recognise the achievement of this 37-year old adventurous blue water sailor.

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Szymon Kuczynski