James Muggoch s/v Annie of Orford

Qualifier's Mug - 2016

For his solo Atlantic passage from Lanzarote to Grenada in a 27 footer, covering 2,900 miles in 41 days. He found the early parts of the voyage very challenging, with heavy winds, gear-failure, lack of sleep leading to hallucinations, an electrical fire, and damage to the deck. Then things started to improve and he was able to complete the passage, donating the yacht to the local Sea Scouts on arrival. Among his reasons for joining the OCC was that his long-deceased father had wanted to become a member but never made a qualifying voyage*. James could and did.

* Associate Membership is a relatively recent innovation.

Read his account of the passage in Flying Fish 2016/2.
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James Muggoch s/v Annie of Orford