Qualifier's Mug

Presented by Admiral (then Commodore) Mary Barton and first presented in 1993, this award recognises the most ambitious or arduous qualifying voyage published by a member in print or online, or submitted to the OCC for future publication.

Previous Winners

Year Winner Citation
2023 Reija Treacy Wolnik More details
2022 Ainur Mutiyeva More details
2021 James Frederick More details
2020 Saša Fegic More details
2019 Eugénie Nottebohm More details
2018 James McCaughan More details
2017 Megan Clay s/v Flycatcher of Yar More details
2016 James Muggoch s/v Annie of Orford More details
2015 Debi Dennis and Jack Markin More details
2014 Roger & Audrey Kynaston More details
2013 Emma Buckels More details
2012 David, Sarah, Bethany and Bryn Smith More details
2011 Peter Paternotte More details
2010 Not awarded
2009 Peter Wood More details
2008 David Barker and Lisa Borre More details
2007 Chad & Carolyn Carvey More details
2006 Jarvist Frost More details
2005 Stephen and Katherine Paine More details
2004 Tim Harradine & Alison Grove More details
2003 Marci Baker/ Joseph Paravia 
2002 Not awarded.
2001 Peter Passano
2000 Mark Holbrook
1999 Not Awarded
1998 Jason Baggaley
1997 Austin O'Keeffe
1996 Not awarded.
1995 Jim Moore
1994 Not awarded.
1993 Martin Buss
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Qualifier's Mug