Peter and Katharine Ingram

Vasey Vase - 2005

(Kokiri) – have been sailing from NZ to Canada in a Pacific 38 over two years but have sailed via the Philippines after the 600 mile passage from Yap, then north through the San Juanico Strait to the Semirara Islands and on to Manila. After the Philippines they headed north to Japan on a passage dominated by strong headwinds and high seas when in the Kuro Shio current. They shipped a lot of water and bore away for Shinkoku to sort themselves out. In Tokyo they stayed for two weeks then the long passage from Japan to the Aleutian Island (Katharines OCC qualifying voyage) – 1700 miles and 15 days including fog, heavy shipping, calms and a gale on the nose. It was cold and there were all sorts of breakages – nothing serious. They also found out Katharine was six weeks pregnant leaving Japan with morning sickness becoming chronic seasickness.

They cruised the Aleutian Islands and on to Alaska finding good shelter in Mist Harbour. A close encounter with a bear followed but they continued north to the Kanai peninsula. After that they hurried down through the islands to make the OCC rally in BC. The final sail across to Vancouver was a memorable one. They had reached their goal – 16,000 miles, eight countries, 16 months, and fewer then two dozen yachts in the last 12months. Two quiet months refitting in Vancouver and then back to the UK for the birth of Robert David George Ingram!