Vasey Vase

Donated by past Commodore Tony Vasey and his wife Jill, and first awarded in 1997, this handsome trophy recognises an unusual or exploratory voyage made by an OCC member or members.

Previous Winners

Year Winner Citation
2022 Lars & Susanne Hellman More details
2021 Ginger and Peter Niemann s/v Marcy & s/v Irene More details
2020 Avril & Graham Johnson s/v Dream Away More details
2019 Steve Brown s/v Novara More details
2018 Sue & Andy Warman, s/v Spruce More details
2017 Andrew and Janice Fennymore-White s/v Destiny More details
2016 Simon and Sally Currin s/v Shimshal More details
2015 John Vallentine, s/v Tainui More details
2014 Ralph Villiger s/v Ntombifuti More details
2013 Jarlath Cunnane s/v Northabout More details
2012 Rev Bob Shepton, s/v Dodo's Delight More details
2011 Not awarded
2010 Not awarded
2009 Beth Leonard s/v Hawk More details
2008 Noël Marshall More details
2007 Graham & Avril Johnson More details
2006 John Gore-Grimes More details
2005 Peter and Katharine Ingram More details
2004 Rev Bob Shepton More details
2003 Beth Leonard & Evans Starzinger More details
2002 Denise Evans More details
2001 Wolfgang Quix
2000 Willy Ker
1999 John Gore-Grimes
1998 Rev Bob Shepton
1997 Paddy Barry
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Vasey Vase