Trevor Leek

OCC Jester Award - 2013

s/v Jester

For his work on the Jester Challenge and for becoming the guardian of Jester

Trevor embraces the spirit of the Jester Medal. Specifically, nominated for his role in the guardianship of Jester, the legendary blue water sailing vessel conceived by Blondie Hasler, and, together with Ewen Southby-Tailyour, in managing the Jester Challenge. Trevor and Ewen succeeded in preserving Blondie’s idea of a transatlantic singlehanded race in its purest ideal. In so doing, he has inspired many to sail long-distances in small boats while introducing some to solo sailing for the first time.

Together with Sandra Leek, Trevor and Ewan succeeded in getting the Jester Challenge up and running as a platform for would-be adventurers to go into the open ocean and take on significant single-handed passages. The Jester Challenge has created a goal and opportunity for ordinary people to fulfil a life dream, encouraging amateur sailors to improve their experience, confidence, self-reliance and seamanship and, most importantly to do a great deal with not very much.

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