Bob and Mona Jankowski

OCC Seamanship Award - 2015

Bob and Mona Jankowski aboard Continuum for their rescue of Randy and Dawn Ortiz

Bob and Mona Jankowski sailing aboard Continuum in the Pacific responded to a distress call issued by Nirvana
Now with Randy and Dawn Ortiz aboard. Their vessel was disabled and taking on water in rough
conditions about as far from land as can be. They had contacted a HAM radio operator W3ZU Fred and
the Seafarer’s Net who coordinated with USCG RCC Alameda1. The megayacht Athos of London also
diverted to their reported position but Continuum would arrive first. Continuum motor sailed more than
40 hours into strong winds and seas, standing two hour watches to enable radio contact with the
stricken vessel every two hours. The situation was critical when Continuum arrived on scene, but a safe
transfer was achieved via dinghy thanks to the seamanship of the crew. S/Y Athos of London
rendezvoused with Continuum and transferred extra food but the passengers elected not to attempt a
second transfer in the rough seas.

This rescue symbolizes an ideal operation in which the vessel in distress does the right things to stay
afloat and communicate their plight, long range radio operators are pivotal in relaying communications,
the CG deploys resources, a seafarers net maintains contact, and private vessels divert to assist. It
underscores the value of SSB capability at sea. All involved deserve to be recognized but it was the
seamanship demonstrated by the crew of Continuum that enabled the successful outcome.

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