Peter Cafe Sport

Port Officer Service Award - 2020

Thank you very much indeed for all that you did for cruisers during
2020 – an extraordinary year in every respect. I quote from the
nomination, ‘During the Covid-19 lockdown in the Azores, Jose
Azevedo, his sons and nephew, Duarte, of Peter Cafe-Sport in
Horta went out of their way to give advice, guidance and support to
the yachts, including many from the OCC, who had called there on
their way from the Caribbean, the eastern seaboard of North
America, Brazil and the South Atlantic. With lockdown in place,
Jose and his team provided meals from the Cafe Sport kitchen,
took shopping lists and delivered the stores, took pets to vets and
people to doctors, all with cheerfulness and good humour, giving
some light relief to yachties who could see and smell the land but
could not set foot thereon. Jose also liaised with officials ashore to
try and enable yachties to go ashore. I think that this award should
be given to the Cafe Sport as everyone there helped with the

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Peter Cafe Sport