Randall Reeves s/v Moli

OCC Barton Cup - 2019

American sailor Randall Reeves has been awarded the Barton Cup for his successful completion of the Figure 8 Voyage, an exceptional and record-breaking voyage circumnavigating Antarctica and the Americas in one season. His tenacity and perseverance were exhibited when, aborting attempt number one, he returned home to San Francisco and departed to try again a few months later. Most importantly, his adventure was undertaken with much humility, humour and gratitude.

Randall's first attempt (October 2017 to June 2018) ended in an abrupt termination of plans in 2018. On that trip, he suffered three knockdowns in the Southern Ocean and limped into Ushuaia, then continued on to Tasmania where repair work was undertaken. That resulted in the 'loss of the season' for that attempt. But that didn't stop him. By October 2018, he was on his way again.

On the 19th of October 2019, Randall Reeves and s/v Moli completed the Figure 8 Voyage, a circumnavigation of Antarctica and the Americas in one season, solo, a first-ever in sailing. Randall sailed more than 40,000 miles in just over one year alone, rounding Cape Horn twice and completing the Northwest Passage in the same trip. He had to carry enough food for the entire journey, although it was never intended to be completed nonstop. He had to keep moving the entire time to ensure that his timing at critical points was within the seasonal limits of sailing in the region. The planning and seamanship that went into the voyage were painstaking. He wrote beautifully about his experience in his blog engaging his virtual stowaways as part of his team. Mission accomplished on the second attempt.

Figure 8 Blog
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Randall Reeves s/v Moli