Jeanne Socrates

The Rose Medal - 2008

Awarded to Jeanne Socrates (Nereida) for her almost-completed singlehanded circumnavigation, which ended with the beaching of Nereida, a Najad 380, in a remote part of Mexico after the autopilot failed.

Leaving from Zihuatanejo, Mexico on 26 March 2007 Jeanne reached Cairns, Australia in July of that year, continuing via South Africa to Trinidad. Departing Trinidad on 1 May 2008 for the Panama Canal transit, Jeanne then headed north up the Central American coast. She was incredibly unlucky to lose Nereida in surf on a beach in Mexico less than twelve hours and about 50 miles short of completing her solo circumnavigation.

Jeanne has already placed an order for Nereida II – also a Najad 380 – with the Swedish builders.