Alex Whitworth & Pete Crozier

The OCC Award of Merit - 2005

Alex Whitworth (63) & Pete Crozier (60) (Berrimilla (1977)) – a couple of cruising retirees from Down-Under, who say they're just 'two old geezers in a battered old boat.' Having competed in the 1998 Sydney-Hobart race, in one of the smallest boats (33ft), they survived the savage storm that left six dead and several boats sunk and won their division. In 2004, undaunted, they competed in the Sydney-Hobart again in their 30 year old cruising yacht and decided to go one better. They left the finish line to return home to Sydney, via Cape Horn, and the UK, stopping only to borrow a pair of shoes in the Falklands so Alex could run a marathon in Port Stanley in under five hours. They survived a Southern Ocean knockdown. On arrival in the UK they competed in Cowes Week and after gaining an impressive second in the Fastnet two-handed division in August (and 11th overall) they left the UK and sailed home to Sydney, via the Cape of Good Hope, arriving on 20th December, ready to join the start line of the 2005 Sydney-Hobart. Alex and Pete 'like a challenge.'