Sir Robin Knox-Johnston CBE

The OCC Award of Merit - 2007

(Suhaili & Saga Insurance ) - Sir Robin must by now have some half-million sea miles beneath his keel, much of it single handed (including two of his three circumnavigations and several of his 23 transatlantic crossings). In 1969 he became the first man to sail round the world alone, non-stop. He built his boat Suhaili in India himself. Since then he has acquired a string of international sailing records culminating in the Velux 5 Oceans single-handed race this year which he completed at the age of 67. He has written fifteen books, the first; “A World of my Own”, about his single-handed circumnavigation in Suhaili, the latest; “Force of Nature” about the 5 Oceans Race. (see also: Jester Medal)