Dick Giddings

The OCC Award of Merit - 2012

Dick Giddings is one of the unsung heroes of the cruising community. “Disabled, living on the smell of an oilrag.” For many years he has given selflessly and unstintingly of his time and effort to create a safe passage for cruisers by contributing to a radio network that covers N. Atlantic and the Caribbean waters (which is where a huge number of OCC members land up!). It’s a check-in service that distributes NOAA weather information but even more importantly provides contact between cruisers and shore as well. He keeps a watchful eye on cruisers and if they don’t log in, he puts the word out to emergency services. The stories are too numerous to mention where a cruiser has been unable to contact home except via Dick Giddings. Dick is a vital contributor to both the DooDah and Cruiseheimers Nets

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