Larry & Maxine Bailey

OCC Barton Cup - 2006

(s/v Shingebiss – 43’) Having just completed a 14 ½ year circumnavigation at the age of 74 from Seattle, Washington via some of the Aleutian Islands south to Mexico, Central America, Galapagos, Chile, Cape Horn, Antarctica, Falklands, S. Georgia. Tristan de Cunha, St. Helena, Cape Verdes, Canaries and then the Mediterranean for 3 years. After that it was up to circumnavigate Ireland and on to Scotland, back to Wales and a period in London followed by a season in the Baltic. From there to the Faroes, Greenland, New Foundland, Nova Scotia and down the east coast of the USA to circumnavigate Cuba. On to Florida, across to Bermuda and the Azores back to the Canaries and then south to Cape Town. From Cape Town across to Freemantle and on to circumnavigate Tasmania and then to New Zealand, the South and North Islands before heading north via Fiji, Vanuatu, Gilbert Islands, the Marshall Islands then on to the westernmost of the Aleutian chain; Attu. They then sailed the complete set of Aleutian Islands as far as Dutch Harbour, Unalaska before crossing over to Alaska at Kodiak. From there to Prince Rupert in Canada and back home to Seattle. They are justly proud of the fact that in all those miles and years they had remained staunchly self-sufficient and never, once had to make use of emergency outside assistance.