Michael Johnson

OCC Barton Cup - 1990

(s/v Aissa) for his passage from Norfolk, Virginia to Easter Island in AISSA, a Westsail 33 built in 1974. Leaving in November 1988, stops were made in Bermuda and Rio de Janeiro, from which AISSA and her crew of three departed on 8th March 1989. They rounded the Horn in late April against consistent westerlies, taking 25 days to ‘double’ the Cape from 50°S on the Atlantic side to 50°S on the Pacific side – approximately 1,200 miles. Their southernmost fix put them at 58°47'S (traditional navigation was used throughout). It took them a further 29 days to reach Easter Island on 31st May 1989, making a total of 84 days from Rio to Easter Island, with 6,730 miles logged.