Denise Evans

OCC Barton Cup - 1991

(s/v Dunlin of Wessex) Denise, her son Peter and a friend set off in DUNLIN OF WESSEX, a Tradewind 33, to circumnavigate Australia and explore Patagonia in the steps of that intrepid sailor, Bill Tilman. Twice they were blown back in the entrance to the Magellan Straits in winds that reached dizzy speeds, and only just managed it at the third attempt. There were serious engine problems to contend with as well. DUNLIN sailed through the Beagle Channel and south to Wollaston Islands reaching, though not rounding, Cape Horn. They then cruised north along the coast of Chile, through Panama and home via Bermuda, arriving back in June 1991. ‘In Tilman's Wake’, Denise’s account of the voyage, will be found in FF 1991/2 and 1992/1.