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Cyclone Seasons in French Polnyesia

An article from Blue Water Sailing examining the risks of keeping a boat in French Polynesia for the cyclone season

by Simon Currin - 18/07/2024

Remains of 2 people found after liferaft washes ashore on Sable Island

The remains of a couple sailing their yacht, Theros, from Halifax to the Azores have been found in a liferaft washed up on Sable Island.

by Simon Currin - 18/07/2024

OCC Member’s video of Hurricane Beryl and the aftermath

Hurricane Beryl (2024) by OCC Member Sailing Fair Isle

by Simon Currin - 17/07/2024

The loss of S/V Solution

Ocean Cruising Club member, Carter Bacon, has written up the loss of his classic 50’ sloop built in 1963.

by Simon Currin - 14/07/2024

OCC Northwest Passage Fleet Videocast, Episode 2, 13th July 2024

Join the OCC NWP boats as they make their way north along the coast of Greenland. This week we are also joined by S/V Abel Tasman and Zora

by Simon Currin - 13/07/2024

Update on Hurricane Beryl

Hurricane Beryl, an early season category 4/5 catastrophic storm, has left a trail of destruction. Follow the links below of you should like to assist or donate.

by Simon Currin - 05/07/2024

OCC Pacific Fleet, Episode 1, 3rd July 2024

Seven OCC cruising boats share their experiences as they make their way across the Pacific in 2024. A wide ranging discussion about routing, meteorology, visas, ocean rescues and choices of boat.

by Simon Currin - 04/07/2024

Dugongs in Vanuatu

Dugongs in Vanuatu are becoming rare due to threats such as fishing, boat traffic, and climate change. Cyclones have damaged their seagrass habitat. More data is required to inform their conservation.

by Simon Currin - 04/07/2024

Hurricane Beryl - Aftermath

Within 42 hours a tropical storm developed into the category 4 hurricane known as ‘Beryl’ and smashed into Carricaou. This video shares the consequences.

by Simon Currin - 01/07/2024

Ciguatera Poisoning - a victim discusses her recent experience with 2 physicians

Ciguatera is a dangerous disease. In this discussion a recent victim discusses all aspects of her poisoning with two physicians.

by Simon Currin - 30/06/2024

Hurricane Beryl

A potentially catastrophic Category 4 hurricane is heading for the Windward Islands in the Caribbean

by Simon Currin - 30/06/2024

Neuston: Ocean Surface’s Secret Ecosystem

Neuston, surface dwelling marine organisms, are a vital yet understudied part of our ocean ecosystem. The threats to marine life from plastic pollution, highlight the need for more research.

by Simon Currin - 29/06/2024

OCC North West Passage Videocast - Episode 1, 28th June 2024

The first of many videocasts by the crews of 5 Ocean Cruising Club boats as they attempt the North West Passage.

by Simon Currin - 28/06/2024

Vanuatu drastically cuts marine plastic pollution

A heart warming story describing how a tiny Pacific nation tackled plastic pollution.

by Simon Curin - 19/06/2024

Randall Reeves prepares for another transit of the North West Passage

Randall has already traversed the NWP twice and he is about to attempt a third. You will be able to follow his progress by video (and the progress of other OCC boats) here on the OCC News Feed.

by Simon Currin - 18/06/2024

Five OCC boats to attempt the NW Passage this season

An interview with Victor Wejer, OCC Port Officer for the NW Passage, describing the way he assists skippers transiting the North West Passage

by Simon Currin - 17/06/2024

Great Pacific Cleanup

‘Ocean Cleanup’ is working hard to harvest and recycle plastic from the Pacific Garbage Patch with the help of Helmsley Charitable Trust.

by Simon Currin - 12/06/2024

World Oceans Day

State of the Oceans 2024 Report

by Simon Currin - 08/06/2024

Sailor James podcast interviews cruising legend, Lin Pardey

OCC Member, James Frederick, interviews fellow OCC Member and cruising legend, Lin Pardey

by Simon Currin - 05/06/2024

Oceans face extreme heat, oxygen loss and acidification

The world’s oceans are facing a “triple threat” of extreme heating, a loss of oxygen and acidification, with extreme conditions becoming far more intense in recent decades.

by Simon Currin - 04/06/2024


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