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OCC Annual General Meeting

OCC AGM and Dinner in Liverpool

by Simon Currin - 19/04/2024

OCC Charitable Trust supports the Caribwish Project

The Ocean Cruising Club Charitable Trust donates to the Caribwish Project

by Simon Currin - 18/04/2024

OCC Challenge Grant recipient

Practical Boat Owner (PBO) magazine has written up the story of Jenny Decker, an OCC Challenge Grant recipient.

by Simon Currin - 17/04/2024

Cruising in Maine and the impact of recent storms

The CCA Newsletter examines the impact on cruisers of recent storms in Maine, USA

by Simon Currin - 17/04/2024

Loss of an OCC boat in the Pacific

Ocean Cruising Club boat, S/V IdaLina, sinks in the Pacific

by Simon Currin - 11/04/2024

OCC Annual Report 2023-24

OCC's first "state of the Club" report.

by General Committee - 06/04/2024

Noonsite on Facebook

Noonsite now has an Facebook Page

by Simon Currin - 03/04/2024

OCC Challenge Grant environment award

OCC Challenge Grant Awarded to - Project Manaia - Marine Debris initiative

by Derrick Thorrington - 02/04/2024

OCC Member interviews founder of PredictWind

Ben Shaw’s, ‘Out the Gate Podcast’ interviews Jon Bilger, the founder of PredictWind - a weather routing app for cruising sailors.

by Simon Currin - 01/04/2024

World Ocean Summit

In March, the 11th annual World Ocean Summit took place in Lisbon.

by Phil Heaton - 29/03/2024

2023 saw a record number of North West Passage transits

Steve Brown looks at traffic volume through the North West Passage over the last decade

by Steve Brown - 29/03/2024

70th Anniversary Stockholm Archipelago Cruise

Sailing from Nynäshamn to the city of Stockholm.

by Rachelle Turk - 27/03/2024

Meet new the Digital Nomads

An article written by Will Thomson for the Sunday Times Travel Magazine describes how offshore cruising sailors are able to adopt new technology to work from their boats.

by Simon Currin - 24/03/2024

Ocean Cruising Club Port Officers

The Ocean Cruising Club is proud of its global network of Port Officers and Port Officer Representatives.

by Simon Currin - 20/03/2024

The Pacific Crossing Season is in full swing

Half a dozen Ocean Cruising Club crews rendezvoused in Puerto Ayora, Galapagos prior to sailing for French Polynesia.

by Simon Currin - 20/03/2024

Tilman Medal awarded to Andrew Wilkes

The Royal Cruising Club’s prestigious Tilman Medal has been awarded to Andrew Wilkes.

by Simon Currin - 19/03/2024

OCC rendezvous at 1800 on 19th March at the Marina Bar, Mexico

OCC 70th Anniversary Marina Rivera Nayarit, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Banderas Bay, Mexico. 70th Anniversary

by Anne and Michael Hartshorn - 18/03/2024

“Ocean Drifter.” British Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2024

Ryan Stalker, “Ocean Drifter.” British Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2024 and Winner of Coast & Marine category. Goose barnacles (Thoracica), Portland, Dorset, England.

by Simon Currin - 17/03/2024

Project Manaia Seagrass Restoration now enters its 7th year

Headed by OCC member Manuel Marinelli, Project Manaia has been working on monitoring the health and habitat of Seagrass throughout the Mediterranean.

by Steve Brown, Specialist Roving RC: Environmental - 15/03/2024

Kirsten Neuschäfer receives the 2023 Blue Water Medal

Kirsten Neuschäfer receives the 2023 Blue Water Medal from the Cruising Club of America

by Cruising Club of America - 12/03/2024


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