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Five OCC boats to attempt the NW Passage this season

An interview with Victor Wejer, OCC Port Officer for the NW Passage, describing the way he assists skippers transiting the North West Passage

by Simon Currin - 17/06/2024

Great Pacific Cleanup

‘Ocean Cleanup’ is working hard to harvest and recycle plastic from the Pacific Garbage Patch with the help of Helmsley Charitable Trust.

by Simon Currin - 12/06/2024

World Oceans Day

State of the Oceans 2024 Report

by Simon Currin - 08/06/2024

Sailor James podcast interviews cruising legend, Lin Pardey

OCC Member, James Frederick, interviews fellow OCC Member and cruising legend, Lin Pardey

by Simon Currin - 05/06/2024

Oceans face extreme heat, oxygen loss and acidification

The world’s oceans are facing a “triple threat” of extreme heating, a loss of oxygen and acidification, with extreme conditions becoming far more intense in recent decades.

by Simon Currin - 04/06/2024

Kirsten Neuschäfer Interview by Paul Trammell

OCC member, Paul Trammell, interviews the OCC’s latest Honorary Member, Kirsten Neuschäfer, for his podcast.

by Simon Currin - 03/06/2024

Shark attack on cruiser in the Gambier Islands

S/V Kiskadee tell their story of an unprovoked shark attack and how they deal with it in a remote region of the Pacific

by Simon Currin - 27/05/2024

Belgian OCC member reports on sailing in the Beagle Channel

Eugénie Nottebohm, OCC member, rounds Cape horn in her Contessa 32

by Simon Currin - 17/05/2024

OCC Member, Mervyn Wheatley, 80, skydives for charity

Mervyn Wheatley, a long standing OCCmember, plans to celebrate the 80th anniversary of D-Day by jumping out of a plane.

by Simon Currin - 16/05/2024

Another sailing boat sunk by orca off Gibralter

A charter yacht has sunk in the Gibralter Straits after its rudder was attacked by orcas

by Simon Currin - 14/05/2024

Ocean Cruising Charitable Trust Makes First Significant Award

Financial support from the Ocean Cruising Club Charitable Trust (OCCCT) and the Royal Thames Yacht Club provided an unforgettable experience on board the SV Donald Searle.

by Simon Currin & Karen Soule - 14/05/2024

Violent protests have broken out in New Caledonia

The Ocean Cruising Club Regional Rear Commodore, Viki Moore, is standing by to advise cruisers soon to arrive in Nuomea.

by Simon Currin - 14/05/2024

Ella Hibbert aims to circumnavigate the Arctic

Ella Hibbert aims to traverse both the North West and North East Passage alone and in one season.

by Simon Currin - 11/05/2024

Solar Storm

A severe solar storm is raging. Will our navigational systems still work?

by Simon Currin - 10/05/2024

Copernicus report for 2023

2023 is officially the warmest year on record

by Daria Blackwell - 10/05/2024

OCC Roving Rear Commodores report on their season in Patagonia

Thierry and Barbara Courvoisier have completed their passage through the Beagle Channel

by Simon Currin - 03/05/2024

Project Manaia

Update from OCC Member Manuel Marinelli

by Steve Brown, Specialist Roving RC: Environmental - 03/05/2024

Director's Report & Financial Statements for year ended 31-Nov-23

The Club's full accounts for the last financial year, approved by the membership at the Annual General Meeting on April 20th 2024.

by Charles Griffiths - 02/05/2024

Two more OCC Members complete Ocean Globe Race

Gerrit Louw and Jeremy Bagshaw, both members of the Ocean Cruising Club, arrive in Cowes to finish the OCR.

by John Franklin - 29/04/2024

US forecast group predicts busiest ever Atlantic hurricane season in 2024

University of Pennsylvania climate scientist Michael Mann cites record ocean warmth as key factor in unprecedented Atlantic forecast of 33 named storms.

by Daria Blackwell - 29/04/2024


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