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"Indisputable" new research proves effects of climate change are underway

It has been a rough few weeks for climate change deniers. Multiple studies have confirmed that our climate is rapidly changing, and not for the better.

by Daria Blackwell - 16/03/2023

Roving Rear Commodore Report cruising from Ireland to the Canaries (Part 1)

From traditional Irish weather to astronomical sightseeing, Gaia explores the variety on offer along the Atlantic coastline before setting off into the ocean herself.

by Thierry Courvoisier - 13/03/2023

Roving Rear Commodore Report from Patagonia, Chile

Sea Wind continues her exploration of the remote coastline of Chile, where the people her crew meet are as lovely as the scenery.

by Lars & Susanne Hellman - 12/03/2023

Roving Rear Commodore Report from the Atlantic

Five years after we bought her hull, Zora was ready to cross the Atlantic and start her Caribbean adventures.

by Rhys Walters - 12/03/2023

Roving Rear Commodore Report from New Caledonia to Australia

Serenity of Swanwick continues her adventures in the Pacific where Covid finally catches up, and they join the Down Under Rally, before waiting for a weather window for the next leg of their trip.

by Phil & Sarah Tadd - 10/03/2023

Roving Rear Commodore Report from the South Pacific

After nearly three years, Pamela and Denis are finally reunited with Glide and roving the South Pacific again.

by Pamela MacBrayne & Denis Moonan - 10/03/2023

Roving Rear Commodore Report from Brazil and beyond

Time Bandit completes her circumnavigation at St George's, Grenada, leaving them with a big decision... Where next?

by Stuart & Anne Letton - 09/03/2023

Roving Rear Commodore Report from New Zealand into the Pacific

Sapphire II of London has had a refit and back on the high seas, bidding farewell to New Zealand en route to Fiji.

by Simon Phillips - 09/03/2023

The Reverend Bob Shepton sails up the Thames River

Honorary OCC Member Bob Shepton has sailed far but had never experienced a sail up the Thames. As Patron of the Novara Project, he jumped at the chance to join as crew on this eye-opening voyage.

by Rev Bob Shepton - 08/03/2023

Reflections on COP27

Novara One Planet Project member Dr Nigel Jollands reflects on the outcomes of COP27 in the lead-up to COP28. He asks, is it really "Too little, too late"?

by Dr Nigel Jollands - 08/03/2023

United Nations reach accord to protect marine life on high seas

After almost 20 years of talks, United Nations member states agreed on a legal framework for parts of the ocean outside national boundaries in the historic High Seas Treaty.

by Daria Blackwell - 05/03/2023

Guy Chester named as recipient of the Australian Trophy

Guy Chester was awarded for his recent passage from New Zealand to South Africa aboard his trimaran Oceans Tribute. (NZ>New Caledonia>Cairns Australia>Darwin Australia>la Reunion>Richards Bay SA)

by Daria Blackwell - 08/02/2023

OCC Vertue Award for 2022

THE recipients for 2022 are Harriet & TL Linskey

by Doug Bruce - 30/01/2023

The OCC Seamanship Award goes to the rescuers of a GGR participant

The OCC Seamanship Award goes to the parties involved in the rescue of a participant in the Golden Globe Race (GGR 2022) in the Southern Ocean some 500 miles off the coast of South Africa

by Daria Blackwell - 27/01/2023

Voting for the David Wallis Trophy produces a tie for the 2nd time in 30 years!

Ellen Massey Leonard shares the prize for SAILING AND DIVING THE MANY MOTU this year with Anthea Cornell Stock who is awarded the Trophy posthumously for CAPSIZE!

by Daria Blackwell - 22/01/2023

The OCC Award (open to all) is given to operators of two cruiser radio nets

The OCC Award, which is open to all including nonmembers, recognises service to the ocean cruising community as a whole, is awarded to Patricia Dallas & David Sapiane of NZ and Russell Frazer of NA.

by Daria Blackwell - 20/01/2023

The Vasey Vase is awarded to Lars and Susanne Hellman

In the Southern summer of 2021/22, Roving Rear Commodores Lars and Susanne made an epic voyage from Ushuaia to the Antarctic peninsular and back again to Ushuaia. 

by Daria Blackwell - 20/01/2023

The OCC Qualifier Cup is awarded to Ainur Mutiyeva

In 2022 Ainur Mutiyeva and Shaun Weaver set out from Panama on their beloved THREE SHIPS heading via the northern route to Papua New Guinea on what they reckoned was the least stressful Covid route.

by Daria Blackwell - 20/01/2023

OCC Award (member) recognising valuable service to the OCC

This year, the Club recognises two members who have contributed a great deal to the OCC for many years, both of whom are standing down from their responsibilities: Jeremy Firth and Daria Blackwell.

by Daria Blackwell - 19/01/2023

Cal Currier received the OCC Jester Award

In the summer of 2022, between his sophomore and junior years of high school, Cal Currier completed a 3,400-nautical-mile journey in 28 days from Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts, to Lagos, Portugal.

by Daria Blackwell - 19/01/2023


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