Water Music Trophy

Presented by Past Commodore John Foot and named after his succession of yachts all called Water Music, this set of meteorological instruments set into a wooden cube was first awarded 1986. It recognises a significant contribution to the Club in terms of providing cruising, navigation or pilotage information.

Previous Winners

Year Winner Citation
2023 Sherry & Dave McCampbell More details
2021 Not Awarded
2020 Kirk Patterson More details
2019 Jo Winter More details
2018 Mike Norris More details
2017 Not Awarded
2016 George Curtis More details
2015 Mike Reynolds More details
2014 Not awarded
2013 Duncan and Ria Briggs More details
2012 John Kirkus More details
2011 Mike Bickell More details
2010 David Read Barker and Lisa Borre More details
2009 John Franklin More details
2008 Dick Moore More details
2007 Neil Langford More details
2006 Tanya Leech More details
2005 John and Pat Driscoll More details
2004 Not awarded.
2002 Not awarded.
2001 Beth Bushnell
2000 Not Awarded.
1999 Not Awarded.
1998 John and Pat Driscoll
1997 Not awarded.
1996 Liz Hammick and Mark Scott
1995 Oz Robinson
1994 Not awarded.
1993 Peter Radford
1992 Pat and Mike Pocock
1991 Liz Hammick and Mark Scott
1990 Not awarded.
1989 Christopher Robinson
1988 David Wallis
1987 Mike Richey
1986 Peter Pattinson
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Water Music Trophy