2020 Art Competition: 'The Sea'

Trigger Fish by Lisa Pollington
Atlantic at Lajes das Flores, Açores by Eugenie Nottebohm
Passage Mexico to French Poly Day 4 by Sue Warman
Tsehum Harbor, Vancouver Island by Jo Winter
Medusa's daughters by Shannon Morrelli
Ballena by Linda Lane Thornton
Believe in Scotland by Lisa Pollington
Cape Horn by Eve Bonham Cozens
Cape Lookout, NC, USA by Manon Zwart
At Sea by Shannon Morrelli
Approaching Bermuda by Eugenie Nottebohm
Tempest by Anne Posner
Entrance to Le Havre by Brian Hall
Stella at Sunrise in Studland Bay by Mary Phypers
Cruisers Paradise by Chris Jones
Kokiri on the southern coast of France by Chris Kemp
Storm north of Palma by Linda Lane Thornton
Dusk across Tyrrel Bay Caarriacou by Jan Dearden
Gannets near Brazil by Frank McCarthy
Festa de Sardinha by Shannon Morrelli
Lee Shore, Pembrokeshire by Sarah Smith
Fisherman's View (Summer Isles) by Geraldine Wright
Reflecting on Venus by Eugenie Nottebohm
Full Moon at Low Water by Brian Hall
Passage Mexico to French Poly Day 3 by Sue Warman
Green Turtle by Manon Zwart
Into the Sunset by Jan Dearden
Tilman at Possession Island by Brian Hall
Marina Mirror by Sarah Smith
Moonlit Anchorage by Eve Bonham Cozens
Menai Strait gateway to the world by Chris Jones
Northern Light by Geraldine Wright
Passage Mexico to French Poly Day 16 by Sue Warman
On the move after lock down by Jo Winter
The lonely sea and the sky by Chris Jones
Quay Wall, Porthgain by Sarah Smith
Rainbows End by Jan Dearden
The night watch begins by Lisa Pollington
Stella in Iles de Glenan by Mary Phypers
Storm in Biscay by Linda Lane Thornton
Stormy Waters by Eve Bonham Cozens
The Chase by Steven Dews
The Dipping Prow by Geraldine Wright
Approaching a safe haven by Jo Winter