OCC Members' Photos 2020

Peter Cafe Sport crew bringing supplies out to boats anchored in Horta
(c) Thom Darcy
USVI during Covid-19 pandemic lockdown
Nicolas Charpy in the Caribbean
(c) Nicolas Charpy
s/v Saoirse in Horta
(c) Jose Azevedo
Crew of Danu
The first cruisers to visit Peter Cafe Sport after lockdown was lifted in Horta. (c) Vera Quinlan
OCC AWE fleet gathering at Ponta Delgada
Atlantic Crossing West to East crews gathered by Tim Goodyear who helped organise the fleet and serv
Crew of Danu
At the terrace bar of Peter Cafe Sport (c) Vera Quinlan
Moon over Horta
© Vagabundo
OCC Atlantic Crossing Fleet Tracker May 2020
Fleet Tracker supplied by PredictWind. Image created by © Alex Blackwell
OCC Atlantic Crossing Fleet Tracker June
Tracker provided by PredictWind. Image created by (c) Alex Blackwell.
Alchemy return to England from the Caribbean
(c) Alex Reed
James posing on the deck of MV Alchemy
Elizabeth Marina, Jersey, Channel Islands 7 days after departing Terceira (c) Alex Reed
Jon Sanders prepares to cross the Panama Canal
(c) Jon Sanders
Jon Sanders s/v Peri Banou II
11th circumnavigation (c) Jon Sanders
Peri Banou II in Panama Canal
(c) Jon Sanders
Preparing to enter the Panama Canal
(c) Jon Sanders
Line handlers aboard Peri Banou II
(c) Jon Sanders
Peri Banou II at anchor in Colon
(c) Sas Gonza
Exiting the Panama Canal
(c) Jon Sanders
OCC meetup in Glengarrif, West Cork, with Stealin' Time and Zora enjoying the incredible weather!
(c) Tom Watters -- Swimming, paddle boarding, dinghy rides into Poul Gorm to see the bioluminesce
Three OCC vessels heading home from Antigua
Nebula, Fathom and Balou, all UK registered (left to right) (c) Caroline Dobbs.
BVI diving party
(c) Reg Barker
Jon Sanders arrives Capetown 7 Jan 2020
(c) Jon Sanders
Bill Hatfield at sea on his birthday
L'eau Commotion on the last leg of a solo non-stop circumnavigation. Birthday 14 January 2020 | 620 Miles North East Of Pitcairn Island
Legends meet in Simon's Town SA
Photo: Jeremy Bagshaw, Susanne Huber-Curphy and Jon Sanders at the FBYC, with Robert Ravensberg (standing). Credit: Robert Ravensberg
Susanne and Jon at FBYC Jan 2020
Robert Ravensberg, PO for Cape Town, recently hosted two legends of sailing, Australian Jon Sanders on his 11th circumnavigation and German Susanne Huber-Curphy, winner of the OCC Barton Cup in 2018 and participant in The Longue Route challenge last year who sailed in the wake of Moitessier -- one and half times around the earth non-stop and solo. They were joined by Jeremy Bagshaw, a Golden Globe Race participants from South Africa who sailed in the Suhaili class last year. Photo: Robert Ravensberg
Bill Hatfield
Nearing completion of his solo nonstop unassisted westabout circumnavigation at the age of 81. Credit: Bil Hatfield aboard L'Eau Commotion.
Bill Hatfield 17-02-2020
Approaching Brisbane to complete solo nonstop circumnavigation
Bill Hatfield
Frying flying fish
Bill Hatfield s/v L'Eau Commotion
Here is the yacht in the duck pond at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia showing the same single spreader rig but a furling staysail rigged just above the spreader. On the stern can be seen mounted a Windpilot Pacific Plus wind steering gear. The dodger and the auxiliary rudder were damaged in The Bight.
Notice of anchoring prohibition Las Palmas
It is illegal to anchor for more than 24 hours in the anchorage in front of the Marina in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria from the 15th March to the 15th September each year.
Spruce - RoRC Sue Warman
Intentions to spend but a short period in Banderas Bay, anchored at La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, extended. Day by day, frustrated with delays until almost six weeks had passed. Finding parts, doing boat jobs interspersed with a little social activity all dragged out. In between enforced pauses a few tasks that have languished low on the list of priorities struggled their way to the top. This one (photo) had paint bought while still in Asia. Ocean Cruising Club burgees, or house flags, rapidly become tattered when flown for extended periods. The directional vane on our wind generator has now been painted to "fly the flag" without fluttering into shredded remnants. Note the elaborate plastic apron to protect the cockpit from sporting a new colour scheme.
Corryvreckan whirlpool, Scotland
(c) Commodore Simon Currin 06-03-2020
OCC chapter Tahiti March 2020.
Published by Kris Adams Lenny from Peregee Au. Sal and John CAPAL MARA Au. And David and Kris Taipan Au. At Tania marina Tahiti. Great to catch up with special friends. 16 years of history!
Story about Dag Hoiland and s/y Escape West approaching Curacao during Pandemic closure
(c) Victor Langerwerf
Crew of s/y Escape West
Vetle (the 5yo), Theresa and Dag
s/y Escape West
(c) Victor Langerwerf
Victor Langerwerf POR Curacao
Winner of special award for assisting s/y Escape West during pandemic
Peters Owens and Vera Quinan and family in Dominica
(c) Vera Quinlan
Island Drifter, Peloponnesus
Credit: Helen Norris
Reunited in the Pacific!
(c) Jenevora Swann The last time the crews of Two Drifters, Tourterelle, Supertramp and Ocean Blue were all together was in the Atlantic in February 2019. So glad the rules in French Polynesia have relaxed, just in time for us to welcome Supertramp into the anchorage in Tahiti this week. Raising a glass to all OCC sailors near and far???? — with Fiona Bailey, Steve Bailey, Fergus Dunipace, Lesley Bennett, Ian Clarke, Ann Clarke and Derek Bretherton.
Deep Bay, Antigua
3 OCC vessels, Henry, Danu, and La Boheme, two preparing to cross the Atlantic as of today 16-05-2020. Photo: Peter Dunham
Sandvita arrives in Horta, the Azores
Lars Hedman posted a photo with the delivery crew from Peter Cafe Sport.
Deep Bay, Antigua
4th OCC vessel in the anchorage, Nauplios. Photo: Elaine Sneddon
Jose Azevedo and Sons delivering supplies
Honorary OCC Member and proprietor of Peter Cafe Sport is helping yachts crossing the Atlantic to reprovision in the Azores.
Cook's Bay, Moorea, Polynésie Française.
Three OCC Boats behind the reef at Cook's Bay, Mo'orea. It is wonderful to be allowed to sail again and Mo'orea is a real gem. Left to right. Supertramp (Steve Bailey & Fiona Bailey), Two Drifters (Fergus Dunipace & Jenevora Swann) and Tourterelle (Ian Clarke & Ann Clarke) Photo credit: Jenevora Swann
Susanne Huber-Curphey arrives in the Azores
Peter Cafe Sport delivers goodies to s/v Nehaj in the anchorage.