OCC Awards Dinner 2019

Past Commodore and MC Bill McLaren
Photos by Alex Blackwell
Past Commodore Anne Hammick with Jose Azevedo, Honorary OCC Member
Photo by Alex Blackwell.
Jose Azevedo receiving a certificate of Honorary Membership in the OCC
Committee Member and PO Newfoundland Ted Laurentius
PO Canary Islands Agustin Martin receiving PO Service Award
PO Nova Scotia John van Schalkwyck
Rear Commodore Jenny Crickmore-Thompson
Helen Norris receiving the Water Music Trophy on behalf of Mike Norris
Jose Azevedo, PO Horta, receiving the OCC Events & Rallies Award
For the hugely successful Azores Rally to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Peter Cafe Sport.
Past Commodore John Franklin
Barton Cup winner Bill Hatfield
Listening to Commodore Simon Currin's introduction
Bill Hatfield and Lady Denise Evans
Pictures show Barton Cup winners (Lady Denise Evans 1991 and Bill Hatfield 2018) showing that age is no barrier to adventure. Photos by Simon Currin
Bill Hatfield and Lady Denise Evans - Barton Cup Winners
Photo by Simon Currin
PO Agustin Martin with Commodore Simon Currin
Photo by Sonja Schroyens