OCC Award Winners 2018

Lin Pardey accepting Lifetime Cruising Award
30th June 2019 Photo credits: Jenny Crickmore-Thompson
Lin Pardey Accepting Lifetime Cruising Award
On behalf of herself and Larry Pardey.
Lunch in honour of Lin and Larry Pardey
June 30th, 2019
Luncheon in honour of Lin and Larry Pardey
Recipients of the OCC Lifetime Cruising Award in the UK on June 30th, 2019
Bill Hatfield - OCC Barton Cup
Selfie taken aboard L'Eau Commotion at the Horn
L'Eau Commotion making good time
Poled out Yankee jib to port and asymmetric sheeted to the boom between Cape Town and St Helena in steady trades of around 18 knots.
St. Helena
Errant Wave
A wave wiped off the solar panels and wind generator so called it quits and headed for Stanley.
Emergency Steering
The pin in a sheave failed so I installed the emergency tiller driven by the Windpilot.
Sunrise over Capetown
Table Mountain just to the right of the sun.
Stanley, Falkland Islands
L’Eau Commotion alongside Katherine Ann which I had sold after sustaining damage round The Horn in a similar attempt two years previously.
Cape Horn Again
Sunrise in the Southern Ocean
The route
The Pacific
The route
Jilling round The Horn
The route
The Atlantic
The route
The Indian Ocean and Australia
Bill Hatfield - Barton Cup
Selfie of Bill aboard L'Eau Commotion.
Sunset at sea
Lin & Larry Pardey - OCC Lifetime Cruising Award
Photo (c) copyright Nic Compton.
Lin Pardey
(c) Lin Pardey
Larry Pardey
(c) Lin Pardey
Larry Pardey navigating
(c) Lin Pardey
Bull Canyon
As long as it's fun
Storm Tactics
Cruising in Seraffyn
Taleisin's Tales
Dustin Reynolds - OCC Seamanship Award
Dustin Reynolds with Des Cahon, OCC Award (non-member)
Photo credits: Umadum sailing.
Des Cahon (left) and Dustin Reynolds (right)
Photo credits: Umadum sailing.
Dustin Reynolds with Des Cahon
Photo credits: Umadum sailing.
Dustin Reynolds with Des Cahon
Photo credits: Umadum sailing.
Dustin Reynolds receives Seamanship Award at the RCYC in Cape Town SA
The RCYC Commodore, Vitor Medina, RCYC Cruising committee Alan Haefele and Peter Sherlock, OCC Port Officer Robert Ravensberg, past OCC Commodore John Franklin Photo credit: OCC Rear Commodore Jenny Crickmore-Thompson
Dustin Reynolds receives award at RCYC
Rear Commodore Jenny Crickmore-Thompson presenting the OCC Seamanship Award to Dustin Reynolds
Award presentation at RCYC
Some 28 skippers and crew from 13 international boats on their circumnavigations including Jack Warren and Jan Holmes on Anthem (OCC), local OCC members Huck and Annie Endersby and Colleen Douglas, and about 40 RCYC members.
Dick Guckel - OCC Award (member)
Photo: Dick and Suzi Guckel
Andy and Sue Warman - Vasey Vase
Wearing NuNus in Yap
Sue and Andy Warman - Vasey Vase
North West Fjord, Alaska aboard s/v Spruce
Spruce at Anchor
Doubtful Sound, Canada
Mike Norris - Water Music Trophy
In Leros
Mike with Helen
Enjoying ice cream in Skopelos
Szymon Kuczynski - OCC Jester Award
North Atlantic (c) Szymon Kuczynski
Szymon Kuczynski, s/v Atlantic Puffin
Finish in Pyymouth
James McGaughan - Qualifier's Mug
James McGaughan fishing
Crew with James McGaughan
Performing duties aboard
Jose Azevedo - Events and Rallies Award
Jose Azevedo - Events and Rallies Award
Peter Cafe Sport, Horta, Faial, Azores
Agustin Martin - PO Service Award
PO Gran Canaria, the Canary Islands, pictured with Sonja Schroyens in the Azores.
Mary Schempp-Berg - PO Service Award
Photo taken 3 years ago while crewing onboard the support vessel for the Hawaiian voyaging Canoe, Hokulea, in the Indian Ocean. Mary is the PO for Whangarei on North Island, New Zealand.
Dianne Tetreault - POR Service Award
POR, Beaufort SC
Welcome to Beaufort