OCC Member's Photos 2019

New Year's Eve, Koh Samui, Thailand by Bill Bremner?
Ocean Cruising Club Happy New Year greetings from the north shore of Koh Samui, Thailand! Here's to awesome cruising in 2019 for all OCC Members!
Anchorage in Dominica
(c) Guy Chester -- Great few days at Dominica on OCC Rally. Local Port Officer Martin Carrierre facilitated wonderful BBQ, rum punch, river trip and waterfall trip. Others also did two other day trips and tomorrow have a hike. Must weigh anchor, we will be back.
Waterfall in Dominica
(c) Guy Chester
Talls ships in Dominica
(c) Guy Chester
Dominica Rally
(c) Guy Chester
Martin Carriere, PO Dominica with Jane Kingsnorth
(c) Richard Kingsnorth, January 14, 2019 -- We had an excellent trip up the Indian River, here at Prince Rupert Bay on Dominica. The trip, organised by Martin Carrierre (OCC Port Officer) aided and abetted by Albert, took around 20 OCC members and crews up the tropical river as part of the rally that Martin has organised here this week. Unfortunately Jane Kingsnorth and I are leaving on ZWAILER tomorrow but thank Martin for his help, last night's BBQ (and rum punch!) and are sure that the rest of the rally will go just as well. We recommend this part of Dominica and Martin's services in particular to any passing sailors . He can be contacted on VHF 16 on his boat PROVIDENCE
Anchorage in Portsmouth
(c) Rowena Barton, January 12 -- Galene has just arrived in Portsmouth, Dominica for the rally. Moored amongst several OCC boats. Let the fun begin!
OCC Ambassadors
Picture of Mike and Robin Stout from s/v Mermaid. Great organizers of social events in the Caribbean. In a two week period they conducted cruisers net, did cocktail parties at Antigua Yacht Club, held pizza party, shared videos and books and checked on me for a backache. They invited us to rent a car with them. Truly a good example for all cruisers to go an extra step to make people feel loved. Sent from Alice Smith/sv Lucky Bird
Great time in Whangarei NZ at the annual OCC party hosted by Mary & Dave Berg.
Photo by Larry Hamilton April 6 at 5:35 AM This party brings together all members prior to their departure to various ports as the cyclone season in this part of the world soon ends. Again, thanks to Mary & Dave for a really nice time.
Scrimshaw Museum Visit in Horta
Jonathan and Anne Lloyd arranged for Jose Azevedo, OCC Honorary Member, to conduct a tour of the on-site Scrimshaw Museum at Peter Cafe Sport. Photo by http://coratriton.blogspot.com/2019/06/tag-43-faial-sightseeing-satt.html?m=1
Famous sailors in scrimshaw
Unter anderem sind hier die bekannten Segler Joshua Slocum (ersten Einhand-Weltumsegler 1895-1898), Sir Francis Chichester (Weltumseglung 1966-1967 mit nur einem Stop), Eric Tabarly (Einhand-Regattasegler und Konstrukteur) und Bernard Moitessier (mehrere große Segelreisen, bekannt dafür, dass er eine Einhand-Um-Die-Welt-Retatta in Führung liegend abgebrochen hat) verewigt. http://coratriton.blogspot.com/2019/06/tag-43-faial-sightseeing-satt.html?m=1
Jose Azevedo Scrimshaw Museum
Jose Azevedo Scrimshaw Museum
Atlantic Crossing West to East Sailors
@Peter Cafe Sport (c) Jonathan & Anne Lloyd
Scrimshaw - Horta
Scrimshaw - Horta
Scrimshaw - Horta
Gathering at Cronin's in Crosshaven, Cork, Ireland
David and Trudie s/v Persephone, Robert and Caroline s/v Aragorn, and Daria and Alex s/v Aleria
Past VC Peter Whatley aboard s/v Henry
Custom-built Van de Stadt - tour was given to VC Daria Blackwell and RRC Ireland Alex Blackwell in Portosin, Spain
Past VC Peter Whatley and RRC Ireland Alex Blackwell
At the RCC BBQ in Portosin
OCC Gathering in Terceira
solpurpose.wordpress.com • 13 Jul The Azores – Part II We also enjoyed a gathering, at the local yacht club, of several members of the Ocean Cruising Club. s/v Sol Purpose
Sol Purpose in the Azores
Informal gathering in Rockland ME
Allen from EVENING STAR, Charles and Heather from DAWN PIPER, Lisa and Mark from WILD IRIS, and Don and I from SOUTHERN CROSS gathered at the Rockland Cafe for an evening meal in Rockland, Maine. It is fun to meet new friends and old alike. All OCC members.
Praia, Terceira Gathering
Tonight we had a great occ gathering in Praia at the marina bar, followed by a pontoon party with What Ever She Wants / Rockhopper/ Casse Tete sampling cheese from all the islands. New full Members in photographs are: Happy, Whatever She Wants. Equus Photo by Anne Lloyd
New full Members in photographs are: Happy, Whatever She Wants. Equus
Encounter in Crosshaven, Cork
Vice Commodore Daria Blackwell and Regional Rear Commodore, Ireland Alex Blackwell Photo by David Ball
Crosshaven 2
Daria Blackwell s/v Aleria and Trudie Cardone s/v Persephone Photo by David Ball
Crosshaven Meetup at Cronin's
What a great evening with David and Trudie s/v Persephone and Robert and Caroline s/v Aragorn at the iconic Cronin's pub in Crosshaven, Cork, Ireland in brilliant, warm sunshine. A couple of pints, some nice pub fare, and lots of chatter. We're all heading up the West coast of Ireland, so more to come we hope.
Mary Schempp-Berg & Diane Tetreault
It is a great day in Beaufort NC when two awesome OCC Port Officers get to meet halfway around the world from each other.
Past OCC VC Peter Whatley and OCC PO Tony Valbuena
Just checked into Marina Alcaidesa in La Linea (Gibraltar) and met by Antonio Valbuena (Tony) marina manager and more importantly OCC PO. What a great place. Excellent facilities. Lovely helpful staff and very reasonable rates.
Mike, Daria, Toby and Richard in Newport Ireland
Toby Peyton Jones s/v Truant visiting the west of Ireland Photo by Alex Blackwell.
Toby Peyton Jones, s/v Truant off the west coast of Ireland
Sam, Alex, John, Daria, Toby
Crew of Truant meet up with crew of Aleria in Inishmore in the Aran Islands, Ireland
Novara in Antarctic Marina
My Aero Rigged Schooner, "Novara" tied alongside the Governoren, Foyn Harbour, Enterprise Island, Antarctica.
Steve Brown
Novara Arctic
Steve Brown
Novara - Circumnavigation of the Americas
There has been a lot of feedback and questions regarding the Novara photos and video. Here is her track. Camden June 2014 to Camden June 2019 32,950 nm Camden August 2019 to the UK, 3,000 nm East-about from Maine and through the NWP. 2014 was a tough year with only route 6 through the Bellot strait opening briefly.