OCC Promotion

OCC Display
Final 19 November 2018 created by Daria and Alex Blackwell. Regional Rear Commodores may request production ready art by contacting the secretary. A digital copy can be found online here: https://issuu.com/oceancruisingclub1954/docs/2018_occ_gold_display_final?e=0
Suzie Too OCC Rally Flag
Developed for the rally in the Western Caribbean, the design can be adapted for any rally held by the OCC on request. Contact the secretary for information.
OCC Brochure
Developed in 2017, this brochure is intended to be used for recruitment of new members. Contact the secretary to order printed copies. View the brochure online as an ezine here: https://issuu.com/oceancruisingclub1954/docs/occ_brochure_2017_single_pages?e=0
Merry Christmas from the OCC!
2018 design
OCC Azores Rally
Developed for the Azores Rally, design can be adapted for other events and rallies.
Poster for OCC Pursuit Rally
Created for Peter Cafe Sport 100th Anniversary celebrations.
OCC Regalia
OCC Flying Burgee
OCC Port Officer Flag
Standard approved crossed flag emblem for Port Officers and Port Officer Representatives to use promotionally on websites and in email. High resolution art can be obtained from the secretary for print purposes.
Logo for 60th Anniversary Events
OCC Roundel Insignia
OCC Burgee - Full Member
High resolution art is available on request from the OCC secretary.
OCC Burgee - Associate Member
OCC Port Officer or PO Representative
High resolution art is available on request from the OCC secretary.
OCC House Flag
OCC Commodore Burgee
OCC Vice Commodore Burgee
OCC Rear Commodore Burgee
OCC Past Commodore Burgee