2018 Facebook Photo Contest: #OCCPOSTCARD

1st Place #OCCPOSTCARD Mattias Hellner
The winner is Mattias Hellner with Man O War Mid Atlantic. Congratulations Mattias! The competition was run by Frances Rennie and judged by OCC Member and Professional Photographer Kathy Mansfield. http://www.kathymansfieldphotos.com/
2nd Place to Angela Lilienthal.
#OCCPOSTCARD 2nd place goes to Angela Lilienthal with this fantastic photo from the Pacific Northwest. Congratulations Angela!
3rd Place to Baxter Gillespie
#OCCPOSTCARD 3rd place goes to Baxter Gillespie with this photo taken in Norway. Congratulations Baxter
4th Place goes to Yoshikatsu Wakao
#OCCPOSTCARD 4th place goes to Yoshikatsu Wakao with this photo taken at Maddelena. Congratulations Yoshi on a fantastic photo.