Azores Pursuit Rally 2018 - Finish Line

Bill Balme in the chase boat
Bill Balme mans the chase boat - thanks to Club Navale.
Trilogy RIB under sail
The crew of Trilogy sail their RIB out of harbour to participate in the finish
Intrepidous & Al Shaheen approach the line
The finish line is between the two outer walls of the harbour. Thanks to the authorities in Horta for access to this security zone. Yachts should be under sail within the last hour and flying rally flags.
Intrepidous & Al Shaheen
Intrepidous & Al Shaheen bare away
Indulgence bares away
Running down the line
Approaching the line
Getting close
Line crossing time: Intrepidous = 11:59:50 Al Shaheen = 11:59:59 Indulgence = 12:01:20
Brainstorm approaches
Brainstorm approaches the line but had stopped for fuel in Santa Maria and Angra
Brainstorm crosses
Esprit approaches
Esprit crosses the line but had stopped for fuel in Ponta Delgada
Esprit crosses
Embelie V approaches
Tyrian of Truro approaches
Tyrian of Truro crosses
Tyrian of Truro rounds up behind the wall
Iseult approaches
Iseult croses
Balaena approaches
Balaena crosses
Semper Vivens crosses
Bohanig crosses
Moonshiner approaches
Moonshiner crosses
Taniwani crosses
Trilogy RIB crosses