Supermoon Jan 2018

Supermoon - Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua, Jan 1, 2017
by Robert Osborn sv Pandora
Supermoon - Canary Islands, Jan 2, 2018
PO Agustin Martin
Supermoon - Antigua, Jan 1, 2017
By Lisa Batchelor Frailey of Kinetic Sailing
Super Wolf Moon - Iles des Saintes, Guadeloupe
Taken by Jenevora Swann from aboard s/v Two Drifters
Supermoon - Tenerife
This picture was taken in Tenerife, at the base of Mount Teide. Submitted by PO Agustin Martin.
Supermoon - Mono Lake, Mammoth Lakes CA Jan 1, 2018
Jim Thomsen
Supermoon - Clew Bay, Ireland Jan 2, 2018
Daria Blackwell